Make Your Best First Impression!

RC Home Staging has a different approach to home staging than most of our competitors. To be able to assist you and successfully sell your property, we have to prioritize on circumstances as listed below.

In what situation is the real estate market. Important: the state, city and area the property is located.

In which price range is your property located?

Which kind of clientele will most likely purchase your house. (Families, single women or men, a cooperation , etc.)

Who will make most likely the decision on the purchase.

And finally, the psychology behind the identified group.

We followed this principal and every property we worked with has proven the success of this strategy.

Our staged homes sell for 17% above asking price

We are Experienced and Creative Home Stagers

From the warehouse cleaner to the designer, the drivers to the CEO, we love what we do. Looking in a clients face after a great sale, is a reward we can’t describe better than: HAPPY CUSTOMER!

So why should you invest in home staging?

RC Home Staging LLC is fully liability insured.
RC Home Staging offers you a full disinfection service
RC Home Staging offers extra security checks for your property if needed
RC Home Staging offers a reasonable installment insurance.

All our furniture is company owned and not rented. This guaranties the absolute highest standard and individual design tailored for your home.

We are proud what we have achieved, let us show you what we can do for you.

We Pay Close Attention to Detail

Why? The human perception will make a first decision within 12 seconds after entering your home. So there is not much room to make your best first impression.

Customer Confidence Guaranteed

Simple elegance goes a long way! Home staging is not about adding more design elements to a space. Sometimes less is more. Simple elegance goes a long way! Look at your home as you would look at your hair. Beautiful. Sometimes a haircut and blowout will make you look even more stunning. Let’s do the same with your home and sell it in no time. We are more than happy to explain our strategy to you. Please call and your personal assigned staging lead will walk you through the process at no cost to you.

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