Home Staging Service Expenses

2021 Home Staging Cost Breakdown

Over the years, home staging has immensely evolved. Today, it has become more of a mandated step in home selling rather than a choice of whether you should invest in it or not.

After all, if you are selling your home, you don’t want it to represent your lifestyle or personality, but rather help the buyer picture themselves living in it. That is precisely what home staging does, and the better choice you make for a home staging company, the better result you shall receive.

Therefore, to make a worthwhile investment in home staging, it is best to know how the cost breakdown has been in recent years. Let’s find out!

What Is The National Average Home Staging Cost?

According to Home Advisor, the national average home staging cost has been around $1,400, inclusive of furniture and decorative rental items. While most homeowners put up their homes for sale, expecting to spend on home staging anywhere from $600 to $2,300 depending on the size of their property and other aspects, a full furniture rental can cost upwards of $6,000 for extended periods. This makes it quite obvious that even though people may not be willing to spend a hefty price tag, it can range widely and help sell the house, fulfilling its purpose.

How Much Does Hiring A Home Staging Company Cost?

Considering the average home staging costs, home stagers don’t charge an amount too far off. With $150 to $600 for an initial one-hour or two-hour consultations, homeowners can pick and choose price packages that may suit their requirements the best. Some home stagers may suggest opting for their monthly price packages of $500 to $600 per month for each room they stage in the house, leading up to around $2,000 for a fully furnished staging of a 2,000 square foot house.

While it depends solely on what type of home stager you chose to work with, a home stager may charge you for an average minimum of at least three months despite the house selling quicker. Understandably, there is no fixed time frame within which a house may sell. It can take a few days to a few months, and because a home staging company may want payment security, they may suggest an advance payment for a month.

The popular belief that staging has to be expensive for it to work is being proven false in today’s market, especially when home staging companies charge budget-friendly amounts for staging a few strategic rooms like the living room, master bedroom, and kitchen. Moreover, staging companies will often rearrange the furniture and materials available from the homeowners to stage the place, making the costs even lower.

What Are Added Home Staging Costs?

A professional home staging company would work as per your requirements and put your main rooms under the spotlight. They will play to your house’s strengths and cover its weaknesses from the potential buyer. However, sometimes to achieve the desired result, the home staging company may suggest you get a fresh paint job done, use professional cleaning services, remove any carpets you may have, and refinish the floors and fittings.

Such extra tasks that may help sell the house quicker (and for a better amount of money) are not included in the original home staging costs. People often don’t feel the need to utilize these recommendations. However, homeowners selling an old house that had been rented for quite some time would require a refurbishing of the property. These are all factors that may contribute to the added cost of home staging, but the value added is self-evident in its usefulness.

How Much Does Home Staging Consultation Cost?

Many self-starters believe that they don’t require a professional home stager to work around the house and rent more stuff; they believe they can actually get the job done themselves with just their advice. Such people opt for a home staging consultation depending on how much time they take from the home staging expert professional. They will be charged somewhere between $150 to $600 for it.

The home staging professional may share ideas and recommendations based on the outlook they are presented with. The professional may even convince the homeowners to work with their respective home staging company and utilize their complete services instead of just consultation, resulting in the fee being added to the final invoice rather than being charged right away.

Home Staging Cost Breakdown

Considering all that may be charged from the homeowner opting for a home staging plan, the following will be the cost breakdown on the staging receipt.

Home Staging ServicesCost
Initial Consultation$150 to $600 for two hours
Working with available furniture and items$800 flat
Service Charges$800 to $1,000 per project
Staging Charges$400 to $700 per room with a minimum payment of one month.$2,000 average for staging setup.
Working with Furniture Rentals$500 to $600 per room per month.$2,000 average for rental setup.

Bottom Line

Now that you are aware of the general costs of getting your home staged by a professional home staging company, you can explore some local options that have good reviews and discuss their prices to move forward with it.

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