Home Staging for Summer 2021

6 Home Staging Trends for Summer 2021

81% of buyers and renters say that home staging makes it easier to visualize the property as their future home. Considering home staging impacts the potential buyer, it is definitely a good choice to indulge in the trendiest home staging looks for your home this summer.

Home staging is basically the art of staging or styling a property to present it to a potential buyer or renter so that it gives them the impression of their future home. In addition, it helps shed light on the property’s best features and mark what a buyer or renter may be looking for.

As the summer season marks that time of the year when the real estate market is booming, and people have time to consider selling their homes, each year brings newer and better trends for home staging.

You might sense a recurring theme come up throughout this article, and that is space, space, and more space. Therefore, whether it is the paint job, lighting, or fixtures, anything that contributes to creating or adding the effect of more space, then that is the main trend of this season. Following are the top six trends doing rounds for the summer season of 2021.

  1. Neutral Backdrops

This time it is all about neutral backdrops. Subtle and muted shades of white, beige, and grays are making the trends to make rooms look more spacious and withdrawn. Dark colors make rooms look smaller and give the effect of walls closing in. Summertime home selling is tricky as high temperatures instinctively drive people to cool and spacious rooms that don’t look enclosed.

  1. Natural Lighting and Modern Lighting Designs

If there are big window spaces in the property you are staging, don’t let it go unnoticed. It is all about natural light this season, and any room that lights up itself with natural light should be staged accordingly. Similarly, gone are the days of big, chunky lamps, and modern, sleek designs are in fashion for home staging. So make sure that alongside natural lighting, minimal designs for light sources are added to not disturb the environment and add a cluttered look to a spacious room.

  1. Creating the Effect of Space

Dull and dark spots have no room in spacious, naturally lit, and de-cluttered homes. Therefore, giving the outlook of space beyond a single room is also very important. For example, you have already applied a neutral backdrop in a room. Don’t add dark fixtures or furniture to take away the effect of brightened space! Instead, leave it as it is or add a minimal neutrally-toned fixture if you really have to.

  1. Add That Pop of Color

Monotonous and boring is outdated. The right pop of color is the trend these days. A professional home stager would always know where to add it and where to leave it. For example, if the main door of the property you are staging is that same old brown, then give it a pop of color with a bright red or blue. Similarly, instead of painting a whole room some funky color, add bold hues through statement couches, cushions, carpets, or even curtains.

  1. Plants and Nature

The best way to not clutter a room while giving it a nice vibe and an amazing color is to add potted plants. Adding minimalist greenery gives the room a more natural and spacious look and an impersonal modern touch. It is best to use fake plants as you won’t have to worry about their maintenance until the house is sold.

  1. Spotlighting the Key Rooms

Key rooms like the living room, home office, principal bedroom, and kitchen are all the rage this year. The year 2020 really brought on some unconventional changes because residents were bound to stay home and even work from home, making them realize which rooms play a more important role than others. Therefore, spotlighting key rooms is a great thing for all the parties involved:

  • It is better for the stager because it is less work.
  • Great for the homeowner because if their budget is low, focusing on key rooms is all that counts.
  • Key rooms are important to buyers and renters, so staging just these, in particular, is vital for the value of your dollar.

Stage a Home Designed To Sell In Summer 2021

Home staging is the best way to present a property, and it has its perks if it’s designed in the trendiest way possible. Hopefully, our list of these top six trends of staging a home in summer 2021 gives you great ideas on home staging the right way.

If you are looking for professional home stagers to do the job for you and stage a home designed to sell in the summer of 2021, then RC Home staging is here for you. We will give your home a fresh makeover to make it look stunning. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you get the best price possible for your home.