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7 Pro Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell

Homebuyers spent about eight weeks looking for a home in 2020. They looked at a median of nine homes but only viewed four in person. If your home doesn’t catch a buyer’s gaze immediately, you could miss your chance to make a sale.

If you plan on selling your home this year, it helps to have a plan. For starters, staging your home can help you appeal to potential buyers. They’ll likely have an easier time imagining their lives in that space if you stage your home properly.

Not sure where to start? Here are seven pro tips for staging your home.

With these tips, you’ll have an easier time appealing to prospective buyers. You can even increase your chances of receiving your asking price.

In fact, you might even trigger a bidding war!

Accomplish your home sale goals this year. Learn how to stage your home with these seven simple tips today.

1. Declutter and Depersonalize

First, take the time to declutter as much as possible.

Walk through every room of your home and determine which items you can remove. Decluttering could help make each space look neat and organized. Try to remove as many of your personal items as possible. 

Removing personal items will help the buyer imagine their own possessions in that space instead.

Try to reduce how many items sit on coffee tables and countertops, too. Then, tuck away toiletries. Remove your child’s artwork from the fridge as well. 

You might want to consider removing large pieces of furniture from each room, too. Removing large pieces can help open the space up. The room will look less cramped as a result.

As you stage your home, consider putting these possessions into storage. Home staging is a great opportunity to determine what you want to donate, too. You can minimize how much you’ll take with you when you move as well. 

2. Consider Priority Areas

As you begin staging your home, it helps to prioritize your time.

Focus on staging key areas that can most influence the buyer’s touring experience.

Start with the living room. Aim for a neutral yet organized look. Try to remove bold artwork or flashy pieces of decor as well.

If you’re struggling to determine what to remove, consider working with an unbiased, professional home staging team.

Check the closets as well. Tidy up and remove as much as you can, especially if the closet is overflowing.

Next, check the bathrooms. Make sure the bathroom is sparkling. Tackle any odors at the source.

Then, add a pleasant scent by using a candle or potpourri.

Don’t forget the bedrooms. Make sure the bedroom is neat and welcoming. Remove clutter from the nightstands and dressers, too. 

3. Welcome Guests

As you work through these tips for staging your home, focus on creating a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. A warm, inviting home will encourage buyers to linger.

Consider adding a little light music. Choose background music that’s neither distracting nor loud.

Adjust the temperature to make sure every room is comfortable, too. After all, you don’t want guests sweating or shivering through a door.

Then, let natural light in. Natural light can help each room look spacious. 

4. Consider the Decor

You can also stage your home by reviewing the decor.

Take the time to research current decor trends. An experienced home staging team can help. You don’t want to choose items that are too trendy.

You don’t need to buy a ton of new items, either. Instead, use what you have. Make sure each room is in line with the newest styles.

Consider adding a fresh-cut bouquet or houseplant here or there, too. Plants can give your home a natural look.

Then, add tasteful accents. Remember not to allow clutter or too many personal items. Instead, look for small, tasteful items that can help add a pop of color.

5. Consider the Curb Appeal

As you learn how to stage your home, make sure to consider your property inside and out. In many cases, buyers will see the outside of your home first.

If your curb appeal is lacking, potential buyers will drive by without considering a tour. You could lose buyers before they even walk through the door.

Instead, take the time to update your curb appeal while staging your home. 

Updating your curb appeal can include interior and trim painting. Consider landscaping improvements and check the front porch railing. You can also add exterior home decorations to appeal to buyers.

Otherwise, consider:

  • Scrubbing the front door and exterior trim
  • Power washing the siding and walkways
  • Cleaning the exterior of your home windows
  • Raking, mowing, pruning, and weeding
  • Updating the front door with a fresh coat of paint
  • Decorating and decluttering
  • Adding window boxes
  • Cleaning up the driveway
  • Adding new light fixtures

About 94% of realtors suggest sellers improve their curb appeal before listing their homes on the market. In fact, about 97% of National Association of REALTORS┬« (NAR) members believe curb appeal is important to buyers. Another 99% say curb appeal is important to attracting buyers.

About 100% of the costs related to landscape maintenance and tree care are recovered at the time of sale, too. 

6. Clean and Repair

Selling your home can prove difficult if everything looks worn down or dirty. Take the time to clean every inch of your home. Make sure every surface (from the baseboards to the ceiling) is spotless and dust-free.

A clean home will show potential buyers that you’ve taken care of the property.

Look for areas that need repair, too. Fix any holes, scratches, or nicks that might deter a buyer.

7. Hire Professionals

Working through these tips for staging your home can feel daunting, especially if you lack experience. Consider working with a professional home staging team.

They’ll make sure your home is spotless, decluttered, and welcoming.

Set to Sell: 7 Tips for Effectively Staging Your Home

Staging your home doesn’t have to seem stressful. Instead, use these seven home staging tips to get started. Otherwise, rely on experience and expertise from a professional team.

Professional home staging services could make all the difference as you begin listing your home. 

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