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Common Questions That Clients Ask Home Staging Companies

Home owners sold close to 959,000 houses by the end of September 2020. With the current median sales price of houses being around $326,800, it might be a perfect time to consider putting your home on sale. Even with the housing sector’s growth, selling your home solo can be a daunting and frustrating experience. 

Nothing guarantees you that you’ll sell the house soon enough or at a price that’s proportional to the value of your home. It’s agreeable that selling your home can be one of the most stressful undertakings. The good news is that home staging companies exist to bridge this gap. 

Are you looking to sell off your home soon and wonder where to start? Probing the respective staging companies before engaging them can help you get the best candidate to sell your house. Below are some of the questions to ask a staging company. 

What Is Their Level of Training? 

Home staging companies need to have adequate training to guarantee you the best results. While an interior designer only requires a great eye to design flawless interiors, it takes a trained real estate staging company to ensure you a quick home sale. 

The Real Estate Staging Association offers unique training to staging companies before accrediting their services. Before you settle on a specific staging company, consider their level of training and accreditation under the Real Estate Staging Association. Apart from ensuring that stagers undergo and pass their practical exams, RESA also pushes for specific ethical training for members. 

When you ask your home stagers about their level of training, you have the assurance of dealing with high caliber stagers. Our team of stagers has adequate training on the standards and quality requirements needed under RESA. This gives you the confidence that you are dealing with professional stagers. 

How Many Staged Homes Did You Sell Last Year? 

This is an important question to ask your potential stager before hiring. It would be best if you were sure that apart from dealing with a trained stager, they are also successful at what they do. First, it helps to know how many homes the stager had in the market in the last year.

With such information, you should then proceed to ask how many of these houses are sold in the end. The truth is that if the stager has been unsuccessful in pushing current and past staged homes, they may not deliver on their promise to convert. A successful home stager is one who has tangible information about their conversion rates in a given year.

What Is Their Cost?

When preparing to stage a home, you must anticipate incurring costs. You need to spend money to make money. Even so, you also need to understand all the associated expenses before committing to work with a specific stager. 

A reliable stager should be able to offer you a range of costs. This way, you can be able to estimate how much it will cost to get the job done. It’s essential to understand that cheap is expensive.

Before committing to a specific stager, make sure that you understand their pricing models. A stager might charge you more for their services depending on their experience and the value they add to the home sale process. Understanding such issues will help ensure that you only pay a premium for the best stagers in the market. 

How Long Have They Been in the Business? 

Nothing substitutes experience when it comes to home staging.  Home staging companies that have been in the business for longer understand the optics when it comes to selling your home. An experienced home stager knows the potential buyer’s soft spots. 

When you deal with a home staging company that has been in the industry long enough, you have the assurance of converting. Such companies understand what potential buyers are looking for when buying a home. This makes it easy to prepare and stage your home in a way that appeals to prospective buyers. 

How Do They Stay Abreast of Interior Design Trends? 

Home staging is all about achieving designs that capture the attention of prospects. As such, the staging company needs to be up to date on the trends in the home improvements and revamp. Before allowing a home staging expert to work on your home selling project, consider their knowledge of the current industry and the trends in the market. 

An interior designer who is well-versed with the trends in the market will be able to sell your products sooner. The more the interior designer interacts with other stagers, the higher the chance of grasping the trends in the housing market and the trends in the sector. 

Do You Have Referrals?  

Every home staging company worth its salt should have a list of satisfied clients. When dealing with a staging company, your interest should be more on their service delivery. The only source of honest review when looking for a stager is the past clients. 

It would help to insist on referrals before putting pen on paper. That way, you’ll be sure that the respective home staging companies have a reputable name based on satisfied clients. You can also access a list of referrals from such companies’ websites.

Are You Insured?

When stagers undertake to revamp your home, a lot can go wrong. It is essential that you only deal with a stager who has adequate insurance coverage. That way, you will minimize the risk of incurring losses in case of damages. An insured stager gives you the confidence that you won’t have to incur any costs if things go south. 

Do not shy away from asking the question of insurance coverage before engaging the stager. We are a fully insured company, having complied will all the insurance regulations set out for stagers. This means that you can rely on our services. 

Probing Home Staging Companies Before Hiring Is Integral 

You want to be sure that you’re dealing with the best stager in the market before engaging. As such, asking all the potential home staging companies, these seven questions before hiring them is integral. Are you wondering what home staging faqs to consider?

Before working with home staging companies, it would help to have these seven questions answered. 

Are you looking for a seasoned home staging company to help you with all your interiors as you prepare to sell your house? We can help you during the process. Visit us today for a flawless staging process.