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Hollywood Home Staging: Before and After

Hollywood home staging is the best way to increase your property value and get more offers on your home. Professional home staging takes some of the stress away from the process of selling your home. 

Professional home stagers create appealing spaces that potential buyers can imagine themselves living in. This increases the number of offers you receive, as well as the value of those offers. 

There are several steps that you should take before calling in professionals to stage your home. We’ll go over those steps as well as what we at RC Home Staging do to get your house ready to sell. 

Make Repairs 

The first thing you need to do is walk through your home and take note of any basic repairs that need to be made. Look for scratches, holes, stains, and peeling paint. 

If potential buyers see these things, they may think that you have neglected the property’s upkeep and maintenance. Small dents and dings here and there may not seem like a huge deal.

But it can lead buyers to think that if you are overlooking small problems, you may also be overlooking big ones. This can turn a potential yes into a no, which is not what we want. 

For holes, cracks, and other small surface defects in your walls, use spackling paste to patch it up. Use caulk to fill seals and joints between materials. Foam eraser pads are great at tackling stains and scuff marks. 

If you find areas where paint is peeling or chipping away, you can perform a quick touch-up if you still have the original paint color. If you don’t have the original paint, talk with your staging professionals about repainting the walls. They will have recommendations on what colors will look the best. 

These simple repairs demonstrate to buyers that you have maintained your property and kept it in good condition. This will make them feel confident that they’re moving into a home without underlying problems. 

Deep Clean 

After you make repairs, the next step before home staging in Los Angeles is doing a deep clean of your property. The way your home looks before and after it’s had a deep clean will shock you. 

The goal of deep cleaning is to remove all of the accumulated dirt, dust, and grime on the various surfaces of your property. You also want to hit all of the little crevices that collect grit as well. 

Some important areas to target for deep cleaning are the interior of your refrigerator and freezer, moldings, and any areas that are difficult to reach. Power wash the sides of your home, patios, and driveways. This makes your property look fresh and new. 

You should also clean your gutters, tend to your lawn, and wash both the interior and exterior of your windows. 

Giving your home a good deep clean demonstrates to buyers that you take good care of your property. It brightens and freshens up the entire space, which appeals to potential buyers. No one wants to move into a dirty home after all. 


The next step for home staging in Sherman Oaks is de-cluttering your space. Too much stuff scattered throughout your home makes the space seem smaller than it actually is. 

The rule of thumb for premiere home staging in Los Angeles is that less is more. Removing unnecessary items helps the space feel larger, cleaner, and more comfortable. 

This is easier said than done if you’re still living in your home while it’s on the market. If this is the case, pare down to the basics. Anything that you don’t immediately need should be packed up and stored off-property. 

There are a few items you should prioritize when de-cluttering your house. Papers, non-seasonal clothing, games, decor, and personal items should all be removed. 

This makes your space look larger, cleaner, and more appealing to potential buyers. 


When staging a home, the goal is to create a space that potential buyers can envision themselves living in. Having pictures and personal items scattered about makes it difficult for people to envision the space as their own. You want the interior of your home to look appealing, but also like it could already belong to the buyer in question. 

The first step to de-personalizing your space is removing all personal pictures. Take them off of the walls, desks, and fridge. Next, make sure all of your clothes are hung up in your closet and that the doors are shut.

Make sure that the counters in your bathrooms are clean as well. Remove personal items like toothbrushes, cups, and contact solutions. Make sure the counters in your kitchen are free from cooking utensils and kitchen gadgets. 

It’s true that de-personalizing your home can make it feel weird while you’re still living in it. But it also makes it significantly easier for potential buyers to envision themselves in the space. 

Think about your home like a blank canvas. When you remove personal items, buyers can fill the canvas with anything they want. This lets them envision your home as something that they already own and makes them more likely to make an offer. 

Why Professional Hollywood Home Staging is Essential 

In Hollywood, hiring professionals to stage your home is incredibly important. It increases the property value and allows you to get the offers that you want. 

At RC Home Staging, our approach is different than most of our competitors. We take several circumstances into consideration when staging your home. 

We take the current climate of the real estate market into consideration based on the state, city, and neighborhood in which your property is located. We also look at the price range of the property and what kind of clientele is most likely to purchase your house. 

Then, we consider the psychology of the clientele and who is most likely to make the final decision on that purchase. This strategy makes the properties we stage sell for 17% above the asking price. 

Our team of professional designers identifies and highlights the key areas of your home. Your design team then creates a personalized plan to attract the clientele most likely to purchase your house. 

We employ on-trend design strategies to appeal to clients in Hollywood. Take a look at our gallery to see our stunning before and after pictures. These examples leave no doubt that RC Home Staging is one of the best home staging companies near me. 

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Professional Hollywood home staging is proven to increase the value of your property, increase the number of offers that you get for your house, and increase the value of those offers. 

If you’re ready to get your home looking its best, check out our free home staging quotes today. Let RC Home Staging take some of the stress out of the moving process and ensure that your home sells for the value that it’s worth.