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Hollywood Home Staging: The Best Staging Companies in Los Angeles

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a million-dollar home or a quaint bungalow, your goal remains the same: sell the home as quickly as possible for as much profit as you can. 

Staging is the best way to ensure your house does not stay on the market for long and that you get top dollar from the buyer. It’s a fact that homes sell faster when they are staged. Listings that utilize staging companies before being put on the market sell in 90% less time than homes that aren’t. 

An added bonus? They usually sell for 20% more!

One of the biggest benefits of home staging is if you have a home that needs updates or has a significant amount of knicks and dings, strategic placement of furniture and decor can be a great way to distract the buyer from the imperfections. It allows them to see the future potential of the home. 

Staging is an investment, but the return on investment is worth it. Increasing property value through big renovations can be even pricier, so staging is a good alternative to making big changes.

Why Staging Your Hollywood Listing Works 

Searching for a house is an emotional venture.  

It’s exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.  What isn’t fun is walking into house after house that doesn’t give you “the feeling”.

You know the one, when you walk in, and instantly feel like you’re home. 

Stagers understand what gives people that feeling. They know where to place the high end-lamps, which throw pillows will make the wall color pop, and how to make the house flow together in a way that doesn’t seem disjointed. 

By incorporating visual cues into the staging design, the potential buyers will feel connected to the home from the moment they walk through the door. 

Things to Consider 

It’s important to hire a staging company that has your best interest at heart and knows what kind of aesthetic buyers in your area are looking for. There are a few things to consider when looking for the right company.

1. Budget

How much you want to spend to hire a staging company will be a big factor in which one you choose. Some will be more expensive than others due to the quality of decor they offer and what area they serve. 

Just remember, home staging can potentially raise your sale price by 6%, so you can consider that when forming a budget.

2. Size of the Home

If you are looking to sell a home with a lot of space, then staging might seem out of the question according to your budget. 

The good news is, you won’t need to have every room in the house staged, only rooms that will matter most to the buyers. 

For example, the kitchen, living room, and main bedroom will need to be staged, since this is high on the priority list of most buyers. 

3. How Much Work Are You Willing to Put in?

Staging can do a lot to cover up the small imperfections of a home. However, if there is a room in your house with paint noticeably chipping off the walls, then that may be something you consider fixing before your home is staged and put on the market. 

Finding the Best Staging Companies in Los Angeles

 There are several options for finding good staging companies. Realtors oftentimes build relationships with certain companies and tend to stick to the same one. While others choose to try different ones on occasion. 

Here are a few good ways to find staging companies:

1. Talk to Listing Agents

Talking to agents about what companies they have had the most success with is a good way to cut through the noise and choose a good one right off the bat. Agents work with staging companies all the time, so they have the most experience and can tell you which ones will fit your needs and budget. 

2. Look Online

Websites like Hozzuz, Yelp, and a simple Google search will help you find staging companies in the Los Angeles area. These sites will show you ratings and give you an idea of what they charge. 

3. Start With This List! 

Finding the best staging companies in your area can be a daunting task. To make it easy, here is a list of some of the best staging companies in Los Angeles. 

R&C Home Staging

This company knows how to completely makeover your home in a way that makes it look brand new. 

They specialize in identifying key areas of the home and making them attractive to key clientele. 

Former clients have said they are fun and personable to work with. So don’t wait, contact R&C Home Staging to stage your next listing! 

Stage to Sell

Annie, the owner of Stage to Sell, has been staging homes for many years. With an eye for design, she has staged homes for hit HGTV shows like Million Dollar Listing and Property ladder. 

This company’s awards alone speak for themselves. You’ll want to check out the 2011 Professional Stager of the Year winner, Stage to Sell, to get your home sold in no time. 

Modern Mecca

This company knows how to market. They specialize in putting in the work to research what current buyers want. Modern Mecca speaks to buyers’ emotions and knows how to stage a listing so that it won’t be on the market for long. 

Serving areas like Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and more, you’re sure to be satisfied with the way Modern Mecca can transform your listing. 

From the company: “Expect stress-free staging, exquisitely tailored interiors, clean lines, and properties that generate traffic, engage buyers, and sell fast in any market.” 

Elegantly Stated Home Staging

If your top priority is finding a company that is easy to work with and flexible, then this is the one. Their work speaks for themselves, and many who have worked with them in the past have stated how professional and effective they were. 

You’re sure to give your listing the star power it needs by trusting Elegantly Stated Home Staging. 

Sell Your Hollywood Home Faster With Home Staging 

The value of a home on paper can sometimes be different than the value of a home in someone’s heart. 

Allowing a buyer to see the potential of a home can increase its heart value substantially. The best way to do that is by utilizing quality staging companies. 

So, find the right company, ask the right questions, and prepare yourself, because when you stage it, you sell it!