• Beautiful Unit in Playa Del Rey

    Sq. Ft. :  716

    Value Increase :  7.4% over asking

    Check out our photos for the amazing work our technicians did at this beautiful unit in Playa Del Rey!

  • Gorgeous Glendale House

    We performed a full staging here, including landscaping and touch-ups around the property. We also introduced fresh fruit and express services! All of our work here was completed in just 3 days.

  • Luxurious Bel Air Home

    Sq. Ft. :  1250

    Value Increase :  House is currently under construction.

    For this property, we introduced a full renovation with our trusted contractors and coordinated between them and our clients. From newly restored parquet flooring to kitchen and bathroom touch-ups, RC Home Staging brought a breath of fresh air back into […]

  • Ultra Modern Brentwood Home

    Sq. Ft. :  860

    Value Increase :  This property is currently on the market.

    This house sold in just 11 days after being staged by our talented professionals. Reach out today to make it yours!

  • Classic Sun Valley Home

    Value Increase :  $45,000

    Check out this classic home in Sun Valley, which sold in only 10 days after being staged by RC Home Staging.

  • Comfortable Long Beach Home

    Sq. Ft. :  1164

    Value Increase :  3.9%, or over $25,000

    Check out this comfortable Long Beach home!

  • Unique Glendale Home

    Value Increase :  $215,000 (19%)

    This home in Glendale sold in just 1 week after some help from RC Home Staging.

  • Wonderful Chatsworth House

    Sq. Ft. :  2800

    Value Increase :  2.2%, or over $25,000

    This lovely property sold after 1 week by the time we were done staging it! Here, RC Home Staging introduced the Christmas staging package– an absolutely high-end staging including champagne glasses for $30 a glass!

  • Cozy 1-story Reseda Home

    Value Increase :  $45,000

    This cozy one-story home in Reseda sold in 11 days. This was the first time RC Home Staging introduced the all-new child room, which has since nbecome a trend in the industry.