Importance of Home Staging

The How’s & Why’s of Working With a Home Staging Company

Back in the day, home staging was an occasionally used tactic to sell vacant homes that aren’t selling easily. Nowadays, almost all of the listings you’ll see are staged, and that too professionally. It has become a tool that gives your home a competitive edge over the landscape of property options and benefits almost everybody involved.

Why You Should Work With a Home Staging Company

Following are the reasons why you should work with a home staging company.

a) Helps Buyers Visualize

As the buying power has increased over the years, selling homes has become tougher. Buyers are now more particular than ever. They don’t want a window opening to the previous owner’s life at the property. Instead, buyers are searching for a fresh and thoughtfully put-together place where they can see themselves living in the house of their dreams. That is where home staging companies enter the frame and have become a crucial step in real estate. They help the seller create a perfect canvas for buyers to see the dream home they want to purchase.

b) Gains for the Seller

As of January 2021, almost half of the seller agents in the US think that home staging has a 1% to 5% increase on the dollar value of a property. Considering the property value hit an all-time high last year since 1965, a 5% increase adds a whopping amount for the seller’s profitability. Hence, it is apparent that working with a home staging company would pay for itself as you sell the property while still gathering enough profit to walk away with a significant amount in your own pocket.

c) Sell It Online First

The primary reason why home staging companies have become increasingly popular is because of consumer demand and online home shopping. Photographs matter a great deal because a majority of the buyers search for homes online. It takes less convincing afterward on the seller’s behalf. Anything that requires a transaction is first sold online with the help of the platform mediums. Working with a home staging company gives you an upper hand as you can decide on picturesque home décor for the property and upload it online for people to see and interact with.

d) Great for Company Branding

Real estate has become a highly competitive industry. Companies are working towards establishing and distinguishing their brands apart from each other. Home staging gives them a great option to stand out from the crowd of the sellers for potential home buyers. To be seen as a quality seller in your area, it is better to collaborate with a home staging company to make your home look its best. Professionally staged homes are bound to catch people’s eye and become the talk of the neighborhood in no time.

How to Work With a Home Staging Company

Like any usual partnership, working with a home staging company is beneficial to both parties involved. However, before you decide on it, it would be better to specify the gains you want and provide in the partnership. Knowing exactly how it should be, helps in the smooth running of the collaborative process. Here’s how you can work with a home staging company.

i. Home Staging Companies Near Me

Finding the right people to work with is always convenient if they operate near you or, fortunately, in the same area. So it is better to do some research and look around to find home staging companies near you. Not only will they be aware of the neighborhood, but they would know the styling aesthetic to go for when staging a house.

ii. The Right Reviews

Look for companies that have a professional image and an experienced background in the industry. Such companies would have already worked with people and carry testimonials to their name. Reviews can be greatly beneficial in determining how a company performs. They help in deciding if a company would be suitable to collaborate with or not.

iii. A Mutually Beneficial Effort

It is best that the collaborative effort is mutually beneficial and helps both parties involved individually in the business. For instance, you can buy home staging contracts in bulk for less and offer to pay in advance. Any such deals that showcase both you and the home staging company as partners are great for meeting overall business purposes.

iv. Home Staging Cost Breakdown

A seller typically spends on staging equivalent to the houses’:

  • Size
  • Condition
  • Listing price
  • Estimated Return on Investment
  • Competition

A home staging company helps the seller cut down the cost significantly as they offer time for decluttering, rearranging, and remodeling the space, furniture, and fixtures. As discussed above, home staging adds a considerable amount upwards to the property. Home staging cost is paid automatically without spending extra funds on steps that can be completed with a home staging deal.

Bottom Line

We hope now that you are aware of working with a home staging company, you will be keen on starting your journey with one for your own benefit.

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