Troubles of Home Staging

The Nuances of Home Staging in an Occupied Home

Summer season is in full swing and with it comes along the ideal time for people to indulge in real estate activities. So naturally, home buying and selling is a given activity, especially in the warm weather when it is more convenient to stage properties for potential new buyers.

According to a National Association of Realtors survey, 83% of buyer’s agents say that staging makes it easier for the new buyers to visualize a property as their future home. Hence, considering such benefits of staging, many homeowners partner with home staging companies to turn their properties into a canvas reflecting the buyer’s attitude than their own personal life.

However, as a professional stager, one should be clearly aware that staging in an owner-occupied establishment can be a nightmare, if not worse. Chances are you would find yourself in a messy, dirty, cluttered household full of personal belongings, pets, and kids, making your job ten folds more challenging than it is usually.

Here’s how to go about the nuances of staging an occupied home.

1. Try For the Homeowners to Move Out In Time

The first and foremost thing that you can do is try for the homeowners to move out in time. It is highly likely that instead of the homeowner, you have been hired by a real estate agent for your services. Ask them beforehand about the family and their living standards and what would be expected of you. If the agent can speed up the moving out process, request them to help the family rent a place nearby rather than stay on grounds amidst the staging process.

You can always point how moving out before the staging process begins is beneficial for the homeowners and residents as staging can involve remodeling, painting jobs, carpenter work, and miscellaneous redecorating steps like carpeting, moving furniture, and fittings. All of which can create an unsafe environment for kids, pets, and family households.

2. Create a Plan

So considering you have no choice but to go about your staging job in an owner-occupied establishment as they cannot move out for one reason or another. Now what you do about this? The answer is you get together with the head of the home and create a plan that works for both of you.

For example, you find a family home with parents, kids, and pets. Your next step is to sit down with the homeowners and question them about their family timings and day-to-day activities. Then, create a schedule and plan according to the insights you gain to come to a mutual standpoint where they don’t interrupt your work, and you are not a disturbance in their personal time.

3. Keep Your Calm & Stay on Track

Understandably, despite all of your efforts, there can be intrusions and miscommunications. For example, there can be times when a resident family member would want to suggest unsolicited advice and suggestions to do things a certain way. It is better to keep your calm in situations like these and just put your head down to stay on track with your work.

It is in the best interest of all the parties involved that as soon as you finish your work, the sooner all of you can go about your normal routine activities without causing trouble. Remember that you are the expert here, so take things calmly and humbly refuse that a certain idea communicated cannot be executed.

4. Final Thoughts – It Is Your Job After All

At the end of the day, it is your job, after all. Your services have been hired to do what you do best, and that is home staging. A professional home stager would consistently put their best foot forward no matter what the situation might be.

Our team of home stagers at RC Home Staging is a talented and creative bunch. As market experts, we leave no stones unturned to make sure the task at hand is executed to perfection. We understand the challenges that come with putting in our 100%, but there is no hurdle that we haven’t passed through.

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