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The True Value of Home Staging: A Look into the Costs and Benefits

Home staging services can increase the sale price of a home on average anywhere from 1-10% according to 50% of home real estate agents. Yes, home staging costs money that you wouldn’t ordinarily spend, but it’s the return on your investment that’s important. 

Are you getting ready to sell your home? Do you want to sell it quickly with the least amount of hassle? Home staging might be the answer to your prayers.

Are you wondering if the costs of home staging are worthwhile? Keep reading as we reveal the true value of home staging. You can weigh the costs and benefits and decide if it’s right for you and your bottom line. 

What is the Cost of Staging a Home? 

It’s difficult to get a definitive price on home staging because the cost varies drastically in different areas of the country. You can expect to pay a lot more if you live in San Francisco, CA rather than Buffalo, NY but you also have a higher-valued home. 

Price also depends on the level of service you choose, the status of the home (if it’s vacant or occupied), the size of the home, and how many rooms requiring staging. 

Another variable is how the home staging company structures their fees. Some charge per hour. Some offer complete packages. Some add in furniture rental fees. 

On average, the initial consultation costs between $200 and $600. The national average for a complete package is $1900 per month. The least expensive home staging is around $500 going up to $5500. 

Here is a breakdown of some of the costs associated with home staging: 

  • Initial consultation, organizing, and redesign – $1500
  • Rearranging furniture – $250 per room 
  • Furniture and decor rental – $500 -$600 per room, per month 
  • De-cluttering and organizing – $600 
  • Organizing existing decor – $800

Again, these are average prices and will depend on the location of your home. 

Some staging professionals may require a minimum in regards to the number of months on your contract. For example, they may have a 2-month minimum and let you go month to month after that time passes. If your home sells on day 1, you will be required to honor the 2-month contract. 

What are the Benefits of Home Staging? 

Even in a seller’s market, your home needs to look its best when it goes on the market. Is it a matter of just cleaning and organizing? Not always. A professional stager will transform your home into a place potential buyers can picture as their own. 

Less Time on the Market 

Staged homes sell faster and for the best price. Your staged home will spend 73% less time on the market than an un-staged home. 

Staging makes your home stand out against the competition and gives buyers the impression that the home is neat, clean, and well-maintained. 

Get a Jump on Packing 

The first step in staging is de-cluttering and taking out your personal belongings. This gives you a head start on packing for your move and helps you to get rid of things you don’t want to take with you. 

Helps You Think Like a Buyer

When you have your home staged, you begin to look at things from the buyer’s point of view. This will help you make decisions based on what will appeal to a buyer rather than your emotional attachment to your house. 

Increased Sales Price 

According to the National Association of Realtors, staged homes sell for up to 17% more than their un-staged counterparts. If you’re selling a $200,000 home, that’s $34,000 more! 

Buyer’s agents have reported that their clients often offer more money, sometimes above asking price, for a staged home. 

Home Appeals to More Buyers

Taking away your style and putting in more neutral decor helps your home appeal to more buyers. More generic decor elements work better than your teapot collection. 

Buyers will picture their family in the home rather than yours. It is much easier for them to make a personal collection to the home when they’re not seeing your personal style everywhere. 

Each Room Has a Purpose

When staging a home, the professional stager makes sure that each room has a purpose. If you have a bonus room that functions as an office and a playroom and a family room, that’s fine for you while you’re living there, but buyers may get confused. 

Staging it as a theater room, for example, gives it a singular purpose and will have potential buyers picturing family movie night complete with popcorn and a drink. 

Return on Investment 

A good, professional stager can give you up to a 20% return on your investment. Laying out the initial money for a home stager might hurt, but selling your home faster and for more money makes up for it. 

Do the benefits of home staging outweigh the cost? It seems so. 

Cost of Home Staging Los Angeles 

Now that you’ve seen the costs and benefits of home staging, there’s only one thing left to do. Get your home sold faster and put more money in your pocket. 

Do you know who can help you get a quick and easy sale with many offers? We at R & C Home Staging are experienced and creative home stagers. We give potential buyers an understanding of how to best utilize the space in your home. 

Our services include identifying the key rooms in your home, helping you declutter and depersonalize, artfully rearranging furniture, and adding key design features to improve the flow of light and air into each room. 

Contact us today to schedule a home staging estimate or consultation or to answer questions about our services.