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The Ultimate Home Staging Checklist That Every Seller Should Follow

According to a study by NAR (National Association of Realtors), staging your home before selling it helps it to sell faster.

That’s how important staging is to you. So when selling your house, you should consider staging it before proceeding with the sales. 

Selling your home is not a walk in the park, and you will need the help of professionals to make successful sales. One such help comes in the form of staging your home. You need renowned home staging professionals to see you through the process successfully. 

But even with professionals’ help, you should know what you want and expect from their services. And that is why a home staging checklist will be an ideal tool for you to use when sourcing professional home staging services. 

So, what are the components of the ideal checklist for home staging? Let us find out below.

Prepare and Plan Ahead

The best way to prepare for home staging is by looking at your home from the buyer’s perspective. Walkthrough all the rooms in the house and criticize every aspect as though you were the buyer previewing a house before purchase. Note down the critical points that need upgrading as you move through each room.

You could as well ask for the advice of a few real estate professionals in your locality. Invite some home inspectors to have a look too. Let them advise you if there is any need for repairs or upgrade for your home.

If there is a need for significant projects, you should consider hiring a contractor early enough to handle them.

At this stage also, get an appraisal to help you ascertain your house’s current market value. 

Declutter, Depersonalize, and Clean Your Home

There is a need that you thoroughly clean your entire house before the grand sales day. You start by getting rid of everything that you no longer need. You can sell, donate, or trash them for quick disposal.

Any personal setting you had installed in your rooms needs to be undone. You should depersonalize the colors to neutral ones and remove personal features such as wallpapers, old carpets, and popcorn ceilings.

Family photos, certifications, kids’ toys, and other personal stuff should be out of sight by now. Get the house arrangement to be orderly and leave enough space to allow easy movement within the rooms.

Lighting is important. If there are corridors in your room that lack sufficient lighting, then you should add artificial lighting to light them up ahead of the sales. 

Do not leave any untidy thing to steal the attention of your buyer when the day comes. Get rid of all distractors.

Improve the General Attractiveness 

This is where you deal with everything on the exterior of your house and the surrounding structures. Pain the doors, rims, and the entire exterior of the house with general appealing colors.

Check if the roof needs repair and do that with speed. Fix any leaking holes and scrapped off paints. Make the walkways and entryway presentable by sweeping and repairing the cracks that may be available on them.

While planting shrubs, flowers, and trees is an excellent way of improving your home’s curb appeal, you should ensure you trim them. 

Spend Time Improving Kitchens and Bathrooms

Your kitchen and bathroom are some of the critical rooms used in making the buying decision by clients. If you do not concentrate on working on these rooms thoroughly, you may end up pushing away your potential buyers.

Make sure you mop and wax the tops and surfaces for a sparkling look. Leave the cabinets, drawers, and pantry clean and sparkling. Organize everything into place and leave the toilet lids closed and clean.

Hang fresh towels in your kitchen and bathroom. Take much of your time in these rooms and only leave when you are satisfied they are in their perfect shape. You can as well seek professional help with organizing your kitchens and bathrooms.  

Appeal Your Buyer’s Senses 

You wouldn’t like a foul smell hitting you when you step into a house you are buying. The same feeling goes for your potential buyers. They need to perceive an appealing smell immediately they come into the house.

You can burn scented candles or bake some cookies to fill the rooms with an appealing scent. Catch their attention even more with light bulbs that brighten the rooms. Allow maximum natural light to flow in by opening curtains and blinds.

Consider relocating your pests the day you intend to showcase the house to a potential buyer to maintain a clean and perfect image.

Expose Your Home’s Best Features

Your house needs to be at its best. You will need to do all the necessary touch-ups to ensure it is at its best. If you have rugs covering the hardwood floors, you should remove them to show off your floors.

Consider arranging furniture or potted flowers on the front porch or deck to give them the extra appealing look. Clean the pool area and make sure your backyard is sparkling. 

Get Ready for the Open House

This is the time to advertise and market your home and let local agents know that your house is on the market. You can hold an exclusive broker’s open house to spread the word even further. Keep them comfortable with refreshments when they arrive for the event.

Advertise in local newspapers, free websites, and real estate publications. You can also put up ‘Open House’ posts on your front lawn and the road intersections directing people to your house.

Your Home Staging Checklist Should Guide You to Quick Sales

Getting the ideal home staging services may not be easy, but you can always settle for the best by following these steps. With the best home staging services and a home staging checklist, you can always be sure of faster sales than when you sell without the services. 

RC Home staging, we are the ideal choice for all your home staging needs. We will guide and lead you through the process successfully in a professional manner to help you speed up the selling of your home. Get in touch with us today and let us handle your needs efficiently and effectively.